Fostering University Level Roundnet

UKRN supports Roundnet at a grassroots level, now providing a platform for universities to meet, compete, and become affiliated with UK Roundnet.

Three Dedicated University Tournaments

At the end of each semester, UKRN will travel the country to host tournaments dedicated only to those who go to university. You don’t have to be part of a club to join but you can still represent your university at any tournament!

Affiliated University Clubs

Starting out at uni?

Found some mates to play Roundnet with at Uni? Why not start a club or society! We are happy to help however possible in starting your own community. Send us a message below to get started or to affiliate your club!

Why affiliate?

Affiliation grants you first notification and tickets (if limited) about tournaments, events and merch that UKRN provides. Also you can use our logo wherever to promote your society or club around your campus!


Check out some of our awesome resources below on how to start your club, including quick start up guides, how to run tournaments and more detailed information! Updated regularly!

University Quick Start Guide - An easy to follow guide with some general steps you should follow to start your team!

Tournament Guide - Wondering how to plan, bracket and finish tournaments? Check out this handy resource.

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